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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I list a new coin?

If it is a new and untested currency we do accept Pay to List service. Currently, there is a setup fee of 1 BTC and a yearly fee of 0.25 BTC - this yearly fee does not apply to coins that have a trading volume of at least 0.2 BTC over a three (3) weeks period. In order to list a coin, its wallet must have an open source code available for inspecting trojans and other malware that could manipulate Coinexmarket as a service.

Can you list/unlist a currency?

The simple answer is Yes! We are limited by hardware, and some currencies will be unlisted if they do not have a 0.2 BTC Volume over a period of three (3) weeks. We do however offer an un-listing guarantee program, where the community can pay a yearly fee in order to keep the currency listed. The fee is currently set to 0.25 BTC/year.

What is Coinexmarket?

Coinexmarket is a crypto currency exchange platform with a wide range of crypto currencies that hosts the most important market players. We enhance cooperation with the most popular crypto currencies in the market and provide the possibility to gain profit of electronic money..

Are my personal information protected while using Coinexmarket?

Yes, they are! Attack-proof encryption is used by the system that excludes any threat of access or forgery of the electronic wallets and accounts. Bitcoin and other currencies are strongly protected and anonymous, and cryptocurrencies do not save any personal data of the owners and their electronic wallets. Coinexmarket does not share or distribute any information of its users by anyway.

Are there any fees for using Coinexmarket?

Coinexmarket fulfills exchange trades and charges a commission from each trade. Commission amount depends upon the currency type however does not exceed 0.2% of the trade amount as a general rule.

How does Coinexmarket calculate balances and trades?

In order to do exact calculations, Coinexmarket uses Decimal fixed point. Once your value is constructed it is immutable and will keep a precision up to 63 numbers during the calculation, leaving no room for math errors. Coinexmarket utilizes ROUND_HALF_DOWN for rounding any value - after the full calculation is complete for your presentation.

How quickly does Support Team respond to a request/ticket?

Users and their safety are our main focus, and we constantly work on the improvement of our Support Team performance. We respond to our users usually within an hour, but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to resolve the issue.

Can I change the associated with my account email?

Changing the associated email is possible; You can do so by visiting this page: Change email. Insert your new email and then verify it from your old one. If you cannot access the old email, you have to contact support.

If any transaction not executed well , what is the solution ?

Due to site or server maintenance it will take some time

Due to high transactions it will take some time

Contact us directly

Getting Started

What is a crypto-currency?

Crypto currency is a digital form of money that can be used just like any other type of money you control. However, this money exists solely on a node (hardware wallet that can be stored on your phone or computer). To store a currency you can download its wallet application onto your device, or keep the coin in an online wallet for quicker and more convenient access. Listed in the Nova markets there is a great number of crypto currencies similar to Bitcoin that have the same characteristics of safety and reliability.

What are the connected Peers?

A peer is the direct connectivity between nodes (wallets). A network node (wallet) is a connection point (endpoint) that can receive, create, store or send data along distributed network routes. In order to send a transaction, there must be a node that is connected to the peer to peer (P2P) network. A transaction would not complete if peers are not connected.

What does mining/finding new blocks means?

Mining means that a computer hardware is adding transaction records to the public ledger (block chain = a chain of blocks). When finding a new block, transactions are validated and are arriving to their destinations.

Is it legal to use crypto currencies and Coinexmarket?

Coinexmarket is an exchange platform with a wide range of crypto currencies. Creating an account at Coinexmarket website and using its services is completely legal. Exchanging crypto currencies is legal in the most part of the worlds, however, local terms might apply, therefore every user it's personally responsible for knowing the regulations of his state.

How to protect the account and wallet.

Coinexmarket strongly recommends that users do their best to protect their data from virus attacks and access by third parties by taking all the necessary measures to exclude risks of electronic funds robbery. Such protection can be made by the correct configuration of home routers, installation of anti-virus software, enabling 2FA Google Authenticator and creating a strong password.

Email and Passwords.

Change the email address. Go to Account > Basic Settings, insert your new email and then verify it from your old one. If you cannot access the old email, you have to contact support.  Change the password. Go to Account > Basic settings > press “change password” button.  Reset the pin code. Go to Account > Basic settings > press the “change pin” button

Referral Program.

Take advantage of our referral program and advertise Coinexmarket using your unique Referral Code. Every time a user joins from your referred link you will earn 10% of their trading fees. The more active users you refer to Coinexmarket the more you will earn. There is no limit on how many users you may refer.

Trollbox rules

The following actions will result in banning the user from the trollbox:

  • Attacking users.
  • Using phone numbers.
  • Attacking or blaming Coinexmarket website.
  • Sharing malicious links.
  • Help contents -
  • Spamming links.
  • Using unacceptable language.
  • Flooding the board.
  • Passing out coins not listed on Coinexmarket

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Two-Factor Authentication

What is 2FA/MFA or Google Authenticator?

2FA/MFA is a single-use code that provides extra security compared to only using a traditional static password. The linked with your Novaexchange application will provide a OTP (One Time Password) every 20 seconds for security reasons.

How to enable the 2FA.

To enable this feature you need Google Authenticator, an application that is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Once you download Google Authenticator application to your smartphone you have to scan the QR-code on the activation page on NovaExchange with your smartphone camera or copy the 40 digit code below the barcode into the text box of Google Authenticator. Once you succeed with linking NovaExchange OTP-generator (one-time password generator) with your Google Authenticator, it will display a new 6 digit password every 20 seconds. You need to enter one of these OTP into NovaExchange 2FA/MFA activation page in order to activate this feature. Once activated it is used when logging in and performing certain tasks like withdrawal etc.
Watch here an informational video Video clip

I do not have a phone, can I enable 2FA?

Yes you can. We recommend phone’s app Google Authenticator because it is 100% reliable, however there are many other PC providers. You have to download a Windows/Mac/Linux Authenticator from the Store and connect it with your Novaexchange account. To connect it, simply click enable Google Authenticator or got to Account >Google Authenticator Settings. From there insert manually the secret code below the QR into the authenticator application and then insert the 6digit code that the application provides in your Google Authenticator Settings page so you can link them.
Keep in mind that the MFA code that your application is providing you will change every 20 seconds for security reason.

What happens if I lose my phone?

You will need to contact support, to get help to reset 2fa/mfa

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